Below is a sample song list of our repertoire, we try to update if often, but we learn new songs every week
so keep in mind it is non exhaustive! 
We are happy to perform songs that are not on our song list. 
A fee may apply and will be determined by the leader of the ensemble. Here’s the process:

1) Make a list of songs you would like to hear

2) Look each of them up on and find piano/vocal music that can be downloaded. 
     Note on your list which songs have sheet music available.

3) Send the edited list to with Music Request List in the subject field. 

We will look over the list and give you a price for each song. In most cases, songs that have sheet music available will not require an extra arranging fee. If they do, the price ranges between $25.00 - $150.00 per song.

Download our Sample Song List in PDF:  Sample_Repertoire_LVER_2015.pdf